Christian Leader Christine Caine Calls for "Abolitionists" to Fight Human Trafficking

27 Million People Enslaved Worldwide

07 MAY 2013
This week, two states updated human trafficking laws (W. Virginia and New Jersey). Twenty-six other states amended their laws this past year. However, despite increasing U.S. legislation, author and activist Christine Caine has a different solution in mind--to raise more "active abolitionists."

Available May 14 to talk about her campaign titled A21 which aims to abolish human slavery in the 21st century, and her book titled Undaunted, Caine is resolute in her unique approach to stop trafficking.

Her new book Undaunted calls calls Christians to a “Normal Life” of Bold Action Courage. 

Through the framework of her dramatic life story—learning as an adult that she was adopted and had been unwanted and “unnamed” at birth; suffering sexual abuse when she was a child—Caine shows how God rescued her so that she, in turn, could rescue others.

Caine recounts several epiphanies, including her “Schindler’s List” moment during a meeting with young women rescued from sexual slavery. A visit to Auschwitz was life-changing, opening her eyes to “the need to fight for justice in a way I had not seen before. I felt compelled to rise to what God was calling me to do.”

Once Caine’s eyes were opened to the horrors in the world surrounding human trafficking, she could not turn back. “When you decide enough is enough, that the darkness of this world must be lit with the hope of Christ and his transforming love and that you are a conduit of that love, you will not rest.”

“It is one thing to be awakened to injustice and quite another to be willing to be inconvenienced to do something about it,” Caine writes. “God reached into my life not just to make me aware, but to turn my steps toward those in need so that I could not only stop, but stoop to help them.”

A life of working to rescue the oppressed and suffering is “the normal Christian life,” Caine says. It is normal for Christians to live boldly, to face great difficulty with great courage, and to amaze the world by beating the odds for God’s glory.

Undaunted is Caine’s call to Christians to embrace God’s freedom and healing, so that they will have the strength of spirit and wholeness of heart to help set others free—“cultivating a heart to cross the street,” she calls it, after the Good Samaritan. She writes with understanding of the fear that paralyzes people in the face of the world’s enormous need, and the self-doubt that makes so many, like Moses, say no to God’s call. Her urgent and prophetic call to action is leavened with practical, Scripture-based wisdom on choosing love over fear, dealing with the scar tissue of past spiritual and emotional wounds, trusting in God and seeking and following his plan for our lives. Her message, simply, is “Be the love. Bring the hope. Be the change.”

Christine Caine is cofounder with her husband Nick of The A21 Campaign, an organization dedicated to addressing the injustice of human trafficking. Their motto: “As long as there is one victim of human trafficking, that’s all the motivation we need.” Caine is part of the Hillsong Church team, and also directs Equip & Empower Ministries. She and her husband Nick have two daughters, Catherine and Sophia. The family lives in California and Australia.

"“It is one thing to be awakened to injustice and quite another to be willing to be inconvenienced to do something about it."" Christine Caine
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